preface for rules of talking to a stranger

I've been feeling ambiguous about blogging when I'm not traveling. It just hasn't been feeling right. So then I had this conversation (by which I mean instant message exchange) with Joshua, and bam. So now you never have to hear about me sitting in a coffee shop again, captivating as I'm sure that's been.

xtortalugao: i guess i feel like when i'm here, the only experience i'm communicating is just the one of being me in this ordinary situation, and all that introspection feels self-important and hopelessly boring.
joshua: but i am sure things are striking you all of the time
joshua: why not write about the rules of talking to a stranger
xtortalugao: hmmmmmm. now that's an idea
xtortalugao: i think i have to get out of this paradigm of travel blogging, where i write about something specific that has happened
joshua: why mystery doesnt do it for you anymore
xtortalugao: skip the step where anything concrete gets explained
xtortalugao: exactly
xtortalugao: joshua! you may have untangled the mystery!
joshua: mystery is kind of my thing